Vilnius Airport launches international public tender to construct new departures terminal

posted on 11th October 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Vilnius Airport launches international public tender to construct new departures terminal

Vilnius Airport, which is a part of the Lithuanian Airport network, has launched an international public call for tenders as it begins looking for a contractor which will construct a new module of a passenger departures terminal in the northern part of the airport.

After the construction of this terminal with an area of 14.4 thousand square meters is complete, the total area of all passenger terminals at Vilnius Airport will increase by a third, and passenger throughput will double – from 1 200 passengers per hour to 2 400.

The reconstruction of the ground accessibility system in front of Vilnius Airport will be carried out simultaneously with the construction of the new terminal: the engineering networks will be renovated, the pavement will be replaced, and a new much more efficient transport scheme will be developed.

Vilnius Airport has already launched a public call for tenders for the implementation of all these works and is currently looking for the most suitable partner.

“The new building will be of A ++ energy class. Sustainable construction leads to better operational parameters, greater long-term returns, responsible approach to the environment and human health”, Arnas Dūmanas, Head of Project Management at Lithuanian Airports, comments on the conditions of the public tender procedure that has been announced.

“Our goal is to ensure that the new terminal building is BREEAM Good certified.

“The airport is an unconventional place that requires special safety and attention.

“For this reason, the relevant conditions are set for the construction contractor.

“It will be necessary to ensure, during the construction, the uninterrupted operation of the current terminal and of the infrastructure and appropriate comfort of the passengers.

“The construction quality and deadlines are among the essential objectives of the project.

“Therefore, we aim to create competitive conditions for the selection of the market professionals and to ensure the participation of experienced engineering personnel in the organisation and supervision of the construction work”

The new passenger departures terminal will sit between the existing departures and the VIP Terminal & Conference centre.

The new building will be two-storied. On its ground floor, there will be a passenger check-in area with a self-service zone where passengers will be able to check in independently both themselves and their luggage for the flight.

The building will also be equipped with common public spaces, cafes and other commercial areas, and airline offices.