Vueling drives aircraft efficiency by combining in-flight real-time data with technology

image credit: Vueling

Vueling has announced that it is succeeding in its commitment to operational efficiency and sustainability thanks to the use of in-flight real-time data.

The IAG-owned low-cost carrier is currently working with two technology partners to optimise flight operations and monitor initiatives aimed at reducing CO2 emissions.

Vueling pilots are now combining real-time weather and wind forecasts with Nav Flight Services’ NAVlink to update their aircraft descent manoeuvres, considerably improving fuel efficiency by helping pilots make decisions based on more accurate and up to date information than ever before.

“This new system, together with more efficient route planning, improved fleet performance and optimised fuel planning, is helping the airline cut emissions in all its routes throughout Europe, North Africa and the Middle East,” Vueling stated.

The Nav technology is being used in conjunction with the Pilot Fuel Efficiency App developed by Honeywell.

This application helps pilots calculate CO2 emissions during the flight, as well as highlighting the reduction in fuel consumption their data-driven decisions have achieved.

Additionally, it boosts pilots’ situational awareness with airline statistics and best-practice indicators for each flight.

Vueling claims together, the two systems will achieve a yearly 2,500 tonnes reduction in CO2 emissions across Vueling’s fleet.

The latest operational improvements follow last summer’s announcement that more than 100,000 consumers opted to contribute to supply Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) on the day of their flight, which has more than doubled by end of 2023.

Isabel Garcia Alvarez, Director of Operations Planning at Vueling, says: “The use of these two technologies in conjunction with our own real-time data is a vital part of Vueling’s ongoing fuel efficiency program.

“Pilots can now alter the speed and the time they descend to perfection with the use of these tools, as well as being able to measure immediately their reduced CO2 emissions.

“This is just another step we are taking at Vueling to offer more efficient, and therefore more sustainable, flights both now and in the future.”