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VV Aviation Weekly Matrix

Narrowbody values have shown a decline, with aged aircraft reducing by up to 3.15% and the youngest Narrowbodies showing minimal movement from last week. Widebodies have shown interesting changes this week with older, out of production aircraft seeing minor uplifts in values, up to 2.22% on the 777-300ER. Moreover, end of life Widebodies have experienced value increases of nearly 9%.


VV Aviation data from 21st to 28th November 2022.

Behind the Matrix

Using VV Aviation’s Automated Valuation Model, values of selected airframes and their relative changes are calculated and reflected in the following matrixes. The % difference in value is determined by comparing the same airframe values 7 days prior to the production of the matrix.

Please note: Value changes will not appear for impossible situations. For example, a 10 year old A321neo would be considered an impossible situation. Hence, VV Aviation may switch one airframe for another when it is appropriate to do so. The current airframes are highly representative of their respective category.