WestJet pledges more women in leadership and technical positions

posted on 3rd March 2020 by Eddie Saunders

In support of National Women in Aviation Week and International Women’s Day, WestJet released its WestJet Women in Aviation: Committed to Change video, emphasizing the need to increase the numbers of women who have careers in aviation.

We are proud to be among those leading the field for the inclusion of women in the flight deck. But, WestJet can do better,” says Ed Sims, WestJet President and CEO, who also voiced the airline’s latest video.

Leaders, including myself, must pledge to listen to the voices of women who work in all areas of aviation, recognize their potential, and support their growth and development. Strong male and female advocates are necessary, and I am dedicated to helping WestJet’s women soar.”

WestJet has the third-highest percentage of female pilots in North America for a global airline, at seven per cent, while the industry average is five per cent. With commercial aviation growing rapidly and opportunities opening across a range of careers, the airline acknowledges it is critical to increase the number of women in the flight deck, below the wing in technical positions and at the boardroom table.

In 2020, WestJet will focus on actively reducing the gender gap on its global leadership team and is launching a new Women in Leadership Program designed to facilitate the growth and development of managers. WestJet has also partnered with Elevate Aviation to support Elevate’s mission to create a shift in the aviation industry and promote gender balance by connecting women with a network of support.

We need more visibility of women succeeding in various roles within the industry,” said Ashlee Tanner, WestJet, Manager, Fleet Engineering.

The aviation industry is diverse in opportunities and we need to do a better job of reflecting that.”

Throughout Women in Aviation Week from March 2-8, 2020 and International Women’s Day on March 8, 2020, WestJet will feature and recognize women in leadership, aviation and technical operations positions within its organization.

Monday, March 2 – WestJet Women in Aviation:  Committed to Change video

Tuesday, March 3 – Ashlee Tanner, WestJet, Manager, Fleet Engineering

Wednesday, March 4 – Patricia Gauthier, WestJet Regional Manager, International Airports

Thursday, March 5 – Colleen Tynan, WestJet, Director of Contact Centre

Friday, March 6 – Rose Streete, WestJet, Cabin Crew Member

Saturday, March 7 – Virginia Svilans, WestJet, 737 First Officer

Sunday, March 8 – All female WestJet flight 1516 (YYC-PHX), WestJet Encore flight 3163 (YYC-YLW), Ed Sims, WestJet, President and CEO, International Women’s Day Feature