WestJet renews SabreSonic agreement and selects Sabre’s technology solutions

posted on 25th January 2021 by Eddie Saunders
WestJet renews SabreSonic agreement and selects Sabre's technology solutions

Sabre Corporation, the leading software and technology company that powers the global travel industry, and WestJet Airlines, one of Canada’s largest airlines, today announced the expansion of their long-standing partnership with the renewal of the SabreSonic passenger service system (PSS) agreement and the adoption of additional offer, order and data management solutions.

Sabre’s airline IT solutions will equip WestJet with the technology necessary to facilitate its business model transformation and future plans in key markets. In addition to SabreSonic, WestJet will also adopt Sabre’s Dynamic Availability, Digital Connect and Intelligence Exchange solutions. Together, these products can help WestJet move toward a more flexible and modern environment, while driving operational efficiencies.

“At WestJet we are always looking for ways to innovate and modernize our operations to become more efficient and better meet the changing needs of our guests,” Arved von zur Muehlen, chief commercial officer from WestJet Airlines. “We are confident that Sabre is the right technology partner to support both our current business model and enable our future transformation. Our partnership with Sabre is all about our future and putting our airline in the best position to succeed in the long term.”

WestJet will also benefit from the following Sabre solutions:

  • Sabre’s Dynamic Availability will help WestJet earn incremental revenue by enabling the airline to proactively respond to ever-changing market conditions in real time.
  • Sabre’s Digital Connect will allow the airline to improve efficiencies by simplifying technical complexities across their platform.
  • Sabre’s Intelligence Exchange will allow the airline to gain better insights to make more informed business decisions by centralizing disparate data sources in real time.

“We have a long-standing partnership with WestJet since 1998. This new multi-year agreement strengthens our partnership, and we are excited to provide industry-leading technology that provides airlines like WestJet with broader possibilities and insightful information about their guests, so they can personalize their offerings,” said Roshan Mendis, chief commercial officer for Sabre Travel Solutions. “SabreSonic, coupled with Sabre’s advanced offer management products, provide the functionality and capabilities airlines need today to succeed in this ever-evolving market.”