Will VR change cabin IFE in the future?

posted on 11th June 2018 by yumna
Will VR change cabin IFE in the future?

At IATA’s AGM in Sydney recently, Inflight VR showcased its virtual reality headsets which could become part of the passenger experience in the cabin, revolutionizing traditional in-flight entertainment.

Virtual reality headsets have been used in different sectors in the aviation industry over the past few years.

Most notably, IATA’s RampVR and other software by companies have demonstrated that VR is a useful tool for training and operational simulation.

Inflight VR stated at the meeting that its aim was to improve customer experience and it seems to believe that changing the way we consume entertainment aboard an aircraft is the way to do this.

There is the possibility traditional seatback monitors could be switched in favor of personal headsets that would offer a different experience, although it doesn’t seem likely that this change will be uniform across all airlines.