Wizz Air announces a new base in Dortmund

posted on 18th June 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Wizz Air announces a new base in Dortmund

Wizz Air has announced today its 33rd base in Dortmund. The airline will base 3 Airbus A320 aircraft at Dortmund airport in August 2020. Along with the establishment of the new base and complementing the already operated 30 routes, Wizz Air announced 18 new services to 10 countries from Dortmund starting from August 2020. Seats for the new routes can already be booked on wizzair.com or on the airline’s app from as low as EUR 24.99

Wizz Air started flying to Dortmund in 2004, and since then has carried over 15 million passengers to and from Dortmund on its 30 routes. Wizz Air is dedicated to continue developing its network and making affordable travel accessible to an ever increasing number of people. With the experience of providing low fare, high quality services in the past 16 years, the establishment of Wizz Air’s newest, 33rd base in Dortmund, and by growing its capacity in Dortmund by 36% on an annual basis, the airline will generate more economic growth to the region and create over 100 new direct jobs with the airline and many more jobs in associated industries. The 3 Airbus A320 aircraft will support the operations of 18 new routes to Alghero, Bari, Catania, Naples, Athens, Corfu, Heraklion, Rhodes, Santorini, Thessaloniki, Fuerteventura, Lisbon, Marrakesh, Podgorica, Reykjavík, Suceava, Split, and Zaporizhia totalling 48 destinations from Dortmund in 2020. Wizz Air’s extensive network from Dortmund will support local tourism, bring more capital to the region as well as connecting Dortmund with new and exciting holiday and business destinations.

Wizz Air is an investment grade credit rated airline, with a fleet of an average age of 5.4 years comprising of the currently available most efficient and sustainable Airbus A320 and Airbus A320neo family single aisle aircraft. Wizz Air’s carbon-dioxide emissions were the lowest among European airlines in FY2019 (57.2 gr/km/passenger). Wizz Air has the largest order book of 267 aircraft of the state-of-the-art Airbus A320neo family which will enable the airline to further reduce its environmental footprint by 30% for every passenger until 2030.

Today’s announcement comes as the new era of sanitized travel begins at Wizz Air. The airline recently announced a range of enhanced hygiene measures, to ensure the health and safety of its customers and crew. As part of these new protocols, throughout the flight, both cabin crew and passengers are required to wear facemasks, with cabin crew also required to wear gloves. Wizz Air’s aircraft are regularly put through an industry-leading fogging process with an antiviral solution and, following WIZZ’s stringent daily cleaning schedule, all of the airline’s aircraft are further disinfected overnight with the same antiviral solution. Sanitising wipes are handed to each passenger upon entering the aircraft, onboard magazines have been removed from the aircraft, and any onboard purchases are encouraged to be made by contactless payment. Passengers are requested to follow physical distancing measures introduced by the local health authorities and are encouraged to make all purchases prior to the flight online (e.g. checked in luggage, WIZZ Priority, fast security track), to minimize any possible physical contact at the airport. Click here to view Wizz Air’s new health and safety video, for more information.

By adding WIZZ Flex to a booking, passengers can rest assured that if circumstances change, or they simply wish to travel on a different date, or to a different destination, they can rebook on any WIZZ flight of their choice. Providing that extra layer of protection for passenger bookings, is a peace of mind during these uncertain times.

Wizz Air will start recruiting young and ambitious candidates for its new base. Cabin crew recruitment days are displayed here.

Speaking at the press conference in Dortmund today, József VáradiCEO of Wizz Air Group saidAfter 16 years of successful operations to Dortmund, I am delighted to announce our newest, 33rd base in Dortmund. We are developing our presence in Germany by offering more affordable travel opportunities on an extensive low fare network of over 100 routes to Europe. Our state-of-the-art Airbus A320 and A320neo family aircraft as well as our enhanced protective measures will ensure the best possible sanitary conditions for travellers. Wizz Air is the lowest cost producer with the strongest liquidity position in Europe operating the youngest and economically most efficient fleet of aircraft with the lowest environmental footprint. With that in mind I’m confident Wizz Air will make a profound impact on Germany’s economic development and the ramp up of its tourism industry.”

Udo Mager CEO of Dortmund Airport commented: “We are very grateful that the first airline base of Wizz Air in Germany is opening in Dortmund. The fact that Wizz Air stations three aircraft in Dortmund is a great sign of trust in the location and a result of the many years of successful cooperation. It offers a real perspective.”


DestinationDaysStartsFares from**
Dortmund – NaplesWednesday, Sunday2 August 2020€24.99
Dortmund – CataniaMonday, Wednesday, Friday3 August 2020€24.99
Dortmund – AlgheroTuesday, Thursday, Saturday8 August 2020€24.99
Dortmund – BariTuesday, Thursday, Saturday8 August 2020€24.99
Dortmund – AthensTuesday, Thursday, Saturday1 August 2020€29.99
Dortmund – RhodesTuesday, Saturday1 August 2020€29.99
Dortmund – HeraklionMonday, Friday1 August 2020€29.99
Dortmund – CorfuThursday, Sunday2 August 2020€29.99
Dortmund – ThessalonikiMonday, Friday3 August 2020€24.99
Dortmund – SantoriniMonday, Friday7 August 2020€29.99
Dortmund – SplitTuesday, Thursday, Saturday1 August 2020€24.99 / HRK 189
Dortmund – MarrakeshWednesday, Sunday2 August 2020€29.99
Dortmund – ZaporizhiaWednesday, Sunday2 August 2020€24.99 / UAH 729
Dortmund – SuceavaMonday, Friday3 August 2020€24.99 / RON119
Dortmund – FuerteventuraMonday, Friday3 August 2020€29.99
Dortmund – PodgoricaTuesday, Thursday, Saturday8 August 2020€24.99
Dortmund – LisbonWednesday, Sunday9 August 2020€29.99
Dortmund – ReykjavíkWednesday, Sunday9 August 2020€29.99