posted on 16th October 2019 by Eddie Saunders

Airport City Manchester has embarked on the next stage of its infrastructure development – the creation of £6million foot and cycle bridge.

The bridge will create a vital link between the airport and transport interchange with 90-acres of development land at Airport City North, it will also give direct access to pedestrians and cyclists travelling to and from Wythenshawe.

The bridge has received planning permission from Manchester City Council, with construction scheduled to begin alongside the delivery of the office building and multi-storey car park situated in Plots E1 & E2.

Designed to be accessible to all, the bridge will cross the M56 spur road and will feature ramps and passenger lifts, which will provide level access from the bridge to the airport.

The 52.5 metre bridge will follow on the positive progress being made with the construction Enterprise Way, the £15m infrastructure development that will connect the office and hotel development plots to the rest of the site and the wider transport network.

“Following the completion of Enterprise Way, the new bridge is the next critical piece of infrastructure that will become a catalyst for the delivery of the £180m hotel district, The Hut Group campus and approved speculative offices.” said Jonathan Haigh, managing director of MAG Property and Airport City JV partner

“It will help deliver the Airport City Manchester vision, unlocking the potential for development and job creation across the entirety of the 73-acre site.”