Xiamen Airlines Wins APEX World Class award

posted on 27th October 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Xiamen Airlines Wins APEX World Class award

On October 26th local time, Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX) announced the winners of a number of different awards including Five-Star Global Airlines and World Class awards.

Rated as a Five-Star Global Airline for the third year in a row, Xiamen Airlines was thrilled to win an even bigger award, i.e. World Class award 2023, the most eminent of all APEX awards.

Seven other airlines, including Emirates, Singapore Airlines and Japan Airlines, were awarded the same title.

Distinctive Services Earned Xiamen Airlines the Top Award

In late August this year, Mr. Hichem, APEX’s official auditor for rating Xiamen Airlines’ services, flew first class, business class, and economic class with several of the airline’s flights, and was impressed by its crew members’ professionalism, their impeccable services, and their incredible attention to detail.

“One of the highlights of this world-class service audit experience is Xiamen Airlines’ s commitment to sustainability,” he said.

“As the first airline in the world to support the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, Xiamen Airlines has virtually eliminated the use of disposable plastic products.”

During the audit, the auditor rated Xiamen Airlines’ hardware, software and services with utmost professionalism against the world’s highest standards.

He teased out 197 pages, more than forty thousand words of service audit report, recognized Xiamen Airlines’ consistency and integrity of its services throughout the whole chain, including flight safety, punctuality, worry-free checking-in, cabin services, and transfers.

“Xiamen Airlines wins this great honor by standing out from a group of the world’s leading airlines,” Hichem said.

“It is truly something that is hard earned.”

Innovating to Continuously Elevate Passenger Experience

“The 2023 World Class award represents APEX’s recognition of our high quality services,” said Zhao Dong, chairman of Xiamen Airlines.

“We will continue to adopt high standards for our services, and stick to rigorous anti-COVID measures and sustainable, responsible operation to ensure remarkable experiences for all our passengers.”