Xiamen-Amsterdam flights of Xiamen Airlines to be increased to daily flight

Xiamen Airlines will increase its Xiamen-Amsterdam flight services to daily flight as of December 26, which will dramatically provide more options on travel schedule for passengers.

Xiamen-Amsterdam flights will operate from 10:05 to 15:30, and Amsterdam-Xiamen flights will operate from 18:30 to 12:10 next day (local time), allowing travelers to have a convenient transit at the place of arrival.

Since December 1, China has implemented a unilateral visa-free entry policy targeting citizens from six countries including France and Germany, while Malaysia, Sri Lanka and other countries have also announced the implementation of visa-free facilitation measures for inbound Chinese tourists, which will be sustainedly beneficial to enhance business travel, sightseeing and tourism, and visits.

Corresponding to these changes, many airlines have increased flight capacity to key international routes to meet the entry and exit demand for travelers.

In addition to the approaching Christmas and New Year holidays and overseas college vacations in succession, the data from various domestic online travel booking platforms show that travelling to and from the Netherlands and other European countries and relevant air ticket booking is becoming a rapidly-increasing top search option, which implies many domestic travelers want to go to Europe to experience the atmosphere of the European New Year.

The official website of Xiamen Airlines released that Xiamen Airlines has prepared a time-limited price offer and extra credits and rated segments giveaway for travelers taking flights on this route.

For flights from Xiamen to other European cities via Amsterdam transit, the price for economy class with tax is as low as RMB 1,377, the price for business class with tax is as low as RMB 5,188.

For flights from China’s other cities via Xiamen transit to Amsterdam, special price for interline economy class is as low as less than RMB 1,700. And Xiamen Airlines also provides comfortable and convenient services for passengers traveling in and out of China.

Passengers who purchase Xiamen Airlines’ inbound and outbound connecting flights through any channel can enjoy free accommodation at Xiamen’s transit hotels or free VIP transit lounges to ensure that travelers start their air journey in the best condition.

With the extended list of China’s visa-free partner countries, visa facilitation measures for Chinese citizens such as visa-free, arrival visa or electronic visa and others have been offered by a growing number of countries, which facilitates Chinese travelers to start “immediate” cross-border tours.

In December, increasing international flights have provided a stronger capacity to boost to the recovery of outbound tourism, making it more convenient for international travelers to travel.