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Airbus A220 receives 180-minute ETOPS approval

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The newest addition to the Airbus family of commercial aircraft the A220 has received 180-minute extended operations (ETOPS) approval from the Canadian civil aviation authority, Transport Canada.

This achievement paves the way for A220 customers to start new direct non-limiting routings over water, remote or underserved regions.

“This A220 ETOPS milestone adds to the numerous performance capabilities which the unbeatable A220 Family already offers,” said Airbus’ head of A220 programme, Florent Massou.

The A220 is the first commercial airliner to obtain domestic ETOPS certification from Transport Canada. This capability is available as an option for A220-100 and A220-300 operators, enabling them to fly for up to 180-minutes from the nearest diversion airport.

“Being the only in-production aircraft in its class capable of performing both steep approach and long-range operations, the A220 is definitely unlocking new route opportunities for airlines,” added A220 programme head of engineering and customer support, Rob Dewar.

The A220 aircraft is purpose-built for the 100-150 seat market. Airbus has gained an order book of over 537 aircraft to date from airline customers.