Passenger who attempted to hijack Biman Bangladesh B737 killed

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A passenger on board a Biman Bangladesh Airlines Boeing 737-800 was killed by Bangladeshi military forces yesterday (24 February) after he attempted to hijack the aircraft which was operating on a route from Dhaka to Dubai.

Media reports said the suspect had tried to enter the cockpit, and threatened the crew with a pistol when he was blocked before then threatening to blow up the aircraft with explosives.

The aircraft made an emergency landing at Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong, 156 miles southeast of Dhaka during the incident, where special forces were waiting.

The army reportedly called for the suspect to surrender, to which he held a crew member hostage, while releasing the other 143 passengers and seven crew members.

The suspect was carried out injured after special forces stormed the aircraft, but died later on his way to hospital. The hostage was uninjured.

He had also reportedly asked to speak to Bangladesh’s prime minister before he was gunned down in an exchange of gunfire with commandos.