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JAL Ground Service kits out Tokyo handling staff with wearable support devices

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JAL Ground Service (JGS) has purchased and implemented innovative ‘powered wear’ gear developed by wearable robotic device company Atoun to support its airport ground handling personnel.

The Japanese handling company has ordered 20 Atoun model Y gear, distributing 10 to ground handling staff at Tokyo Haneda International Airport and 10 to Tokyo Narita International Airport.

JGS said as travelers to Japan have increased, the amount of checked baggage and cargo has also increased. At the same time, due to the declining population in Japan, there has been a shortage of staff in the workforce.

The powered wear, Atoun model Y, mainly supports the lower half of the body. JGS plans to use the gear when staff sorts baggage from the conveyor belt to the containers and when storing baggage in the cargo warehouse.

JGS and Atoun say they have joined forces to “improve productivity and help reduce any physical stress that may occur over time on the carrier’s airport personnel”.

Prior to the order, select staff from JGS tested the device and provided high reviews. Currently, JGS is considering to implement the gear to regional airports throughout Japan.

In addition, JGS and Atoun are collaborating to create a new product to provide additional support for the arm.

Through these actions, the two companies have set a goal to reduce any physical stress related to the airport ground handling business. Using new technology, JGS said it will continue to “strive and look to create a safe working environment”.

JGS provides ground handling services at Narita, Haneda, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Sapporo airports for flights operated by Japan Airlines and other carriers.