Accenture and Changi Airport Group Extend Collaboration to Enhance Traveller Experience

posted on 18th August 2022 by Eddie Saunders
Accenture and Changi Airport Group Extend Collaboration to Enhance Traveller Experience

Accenture and Changi Airport Group (CAG) are expanding their collaboration for the next three years to further transform operations and enhance the experience for travellers visiting Singapore Changi Airport.

The expanded collaboration builds on a partnership between Accenture and CAG that began in 2019 with the establishment of a digital factory, known as DIVA — for digital, innovation, ventures and analytics — designed to enable CAG to develop, experiment and launch new digital products and services.

Under the new agreement, the two organisations will leverage innovative technologies such as extended reality, machine learning, Internet of Things and edge computing to enable Changi to seamlessly engage travellers at various touchpoints, from before they arrive at the airport to after they leave.

There will also be knowledge and skills transfer to the CAG team.

“Changi Airport Group has always put our customers first; constantly enhancing the airport experience and pleasantly delighting our customers even when they are not travelling,” said Hung Jean, group senior vice president for Enterprise Digital Ecosystem & Business at CAG.

“In this next phase of our digital transformation journey, how we deliver the unique Changi experience, whether offline or online, to our customers remains key.

“Our vision is to build deeper relationships with our customers and strive to serve them even better through innovative and interactive digital solutions.

“We are happy to extend our collaboration with Accenture, who has proven to be a valuable partner with the ability to combine innovative design capabilities with technology and industry expertise.”

Ng Wee Wei, country managing director for Accenture in Singapore, said, “We have been working closely with CAG to implement digital enhancements and infuse a culture of experimentation.

“As the line between the physical and digital continues to blur, organisations have the opportunity to address issues like trust, sustainability, safety, responsible access and use, diversity and more, helping set the stage for the future.

“We see many new possibilities to bring even more immersive collaborative, personalised and meaningful experiences to CAG’s customers.”