Athonet selected to upgrade 4G/5G network services in Paris airports

posted on 27th May 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Athonet selected to upgrade 4G/5G network services in Paris airports

Athonet announced today that its Professional-Grade Mobile Core Network has been selected by the digital technology operator and subsidiary of the ADP group, Hub One, to offer a range of innovative voice and data services to all employees working daily in the Paris airports.

This choice comes as part of the launch of Hub One’s professional 4G/5G mobile services, now available at Paris-Orly airport.

By deploying a private 4G/5G mobile network at Paris Orly, Paris Charles de Gaulle and Paris le Bourget airports, Hub One aims to provide its customers with the high-speed, reliable and secure connectivity required for digitisation, critical operations and the quality of the customer experience.

More specifically, Hub One aims to ensure network full coverage of facilities and equipment, including public, airside, office and industrial areas, optimize access to resources: without conflict between network users, airport businesses will be able to fully utilize all available capacity, determine user connection policy and ensure full availability of network resources and control security and ensure that sensitive information does not leave the facility.

“Athonet’s 4G/5G Professional-Grade Mobile Core Network not only provides us with uncompromised reliability but also the full functionality of carrier grade networks, and does so with the agility and ease of use of a next generation, all-software solution,” said Grégoire de La Crouée, Hub One’s mobile pro business line director.

“It gives us all the flexibility we need to work with best-of-breed radio solutions to meet our specific performance and interconnection needs with our service platforms and scalability.

“Moreover, Athonet solution for Hub One has been audited and authorised by the French National Cybersecurity Agency.”

“Athonet is very pleased to support Hub One in its digitalization program,” said Gianluca Verin, president of Athonet.

“Athonet’s Professional-Grade Mobile Core Network, guaranteeing business-critical and mission-critical use, is the bridge between enterprises and private cellular networks. It combines the reliability of cellular networks with the simplicity of deployment and operation of a WIFI network for example.”