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Ban on aircraft flying below set level in London extended for Queen’s funeral

By Laura Parnaby, standard.co.uk

The ban on planes flying below a certain altitude over central London has been extended until the end of Monday for the Queen’s funeral.

The Civil Aviation Authority said the ban has been enforced as part of wider security arrangements, and applies to “aircraft” including personal jets, small balloons, kites and parachutes.

Aircraft are not permitted to fly below 2,500 feet above mean sea level within central London or Windsor, Berkshire, from 6am until 8pm on Monday.

A spokesperson for the regulator said this will create a “protective blanket” over the restricted areas, but will not affect commercial flights because they operate above the altitude limits.

This comes under the Restriction of Flying Regulations under Article 239 of the Air Navigation Order 2016.

Monday is a national bank holiday to allow as many people as possible to watch the Queen’s funeral, which is due to start at 11am in Westminster Abbey and will be televised.