CEO Ed Bastian and Delta win top honors this year

The International Business Times recently named Delta CEO Ed Bastian as one of the “smartest and most compassionate CEOs” in the U.S. for its feature social capital section, citing his leadership and people-centric values through the pandemic.

While Bastian faced some of the most difficult challenges in the company’s history, he was steadfast in his belief that taking care of Delta people was his top priority.

As noted by IBT, “Ed really takes the cake for being compassionate, caring and dedicated to his employees and customers.”

His emphasis on the well-being of Delta’s people and customers was clear as the airline preserved jobs and maintained focus on providing world-class service — without sacrificing the overall strategy for the airline’s future.

IBT classifies their top picks as those who have “stepped up to the plate not only to achieve success economically but to make the world and the worlds they run a whole lot better with their people-centric approach.

“And, ultimately, those heroic efforts and actions are changing how business looks and how we all look at business — forever.”

Additionally in 2021, Bastian was named a top CEO in Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Awards and was a recipient of FlightGlobal’s 2021 Executive Leadership Award for his strong leadership and helping Delta navigate the COVID-19 crisis.