Copenhagen Airports appoints new CEO ahead of 2024

The board of directors of Copenhagen Airports A/S has appointed Christian Poulsen CEO, taking effect from 1 January 2024.

Poulsen has been acting CEO since 30 September, when Thomas Woldbye left the company to become CEO of Heathrow Airport in London. Poulsen has held various leading positions at Copenhagen Airport for more than 14 years, including chief operating officer in the past four years.

Lars Nørby Johansen, chairman of the board, said: “After a thorough recruitment process led by an international search firm, we have chosen Christian Poulsen as CEO of Copenhagen Airports.

“Christian Poulsen has the qualities that are important for the position. He possesses a unique combination of having an in-depth knowledge of the airport and its many stakeholders, and he is also an extremely competent leader who can ensure that the airport continues its positive development and maintains momentum.”

Poulsen added: “I am very proud and humble to have received the opportunity to become CEO of Copenhagen Airports. I look forward to using my insight and experience from my years at the airport to continue developing the airport and taking it to a new level for the benefit of passengers, business partners and Danish infrastructure.

“I will contribute to ensuring that Copenhagen remains an attractive and competitive airport for many years to come.”

The airport is in the process of several major initiatives to ensure it remains an attractive, passenger-friendly traffic hub for Denmark in the future. Among other things, Copenhagen is developing the Terminal 3 area and doubling the size of the baggage claim area, creating better capacity at passport control, and upgrading the shopping centre.

At the same time, the green transition of the aviation industry is an area that Copenhagen Airport has its focus on by engaging in partnerships evolving around the development and testing of sustainable aviation fuel and creating space for the more noise-reduced and fuel-efficient aircraft of the future.

In addition, the airport is undergoing an ambitious digital development that will strengthen both the passenger experience and internal work procedures.