Delta reveals first-ever dedicated TSA Precheck lobby, bag drop

posted on 28th October 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Delta reveals first-ever dedicated TSA Precheck lobby, bag drop

Traveling through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport will be even easier for Delta customers enrolled in TSA PreCheck starting next month with the expansion of new facial recognition capabilities and the opening of the first-ever Delta-TSA PreCheck express lobby and bag drop.

Customers with both the Fly Delta app and a TSA PreCheck membership will soon be able to visit a new dedicated bag drop lobby on the lower level of Atlanta’s Domestic South Terminal, pass through the security checkpoint, and board their plane at the gate using only their digital identity

“We want to give our customers more time to enjoy travel by unlocking simplified, seamless and efficient experiences from end to end,” said Byron Merritt, Delta’s Vice President of Brand Experience Design.

“Delta has been a leader in testing and implementing facial recognition technology since 2018 as part of our vision for building airports that are effortless.

“The launch of Atlanta’s express lobby and bag drop is the latest step in our commitment to listening and innovating for our customers.”

Here’s how Delta’s new experience will ease transit through three airport touchpoints in Atlanta:

Delta is setting a new standard for the industry as the first and only airline to build a dedicated bag drop space for TSA PreCheck customers.

In Atlanta, a sleek new facility features fully automated self-serve bag drop machines – allowing for a quick and easy drop.

After checking in on the Fly Delta app, customers can enter the dedicated lobby area, conveniently located next to the rideshare drop-off area on the lower level of Atlanta’s Domestic South Terminal.

They’ll quickly verify their identity via a hands-free facial scan, print and attach a bag tag from a self-serve kiosk, and place their bag on the conveyer.

After a short walk from bag drop to security, eligible customers will once again use a quick facial scan to pass through the domestic checkpoint in dedicated TSA PreCheck lanes – no need to show a government ID or boarding pass.

When it’s time to board, customers will swap a facial scan for a boarding pass, just as they did at bag drop and the security checkpoint. One photo, and they are ready to board.

In Atlanta, T1-T8 gates will be the first to offer a facial recognition option for domestic boarding. Gates A10 and A12 will offer the same digital identity-enabled boarding in Detroit.

“This element of the customer journey is possible thanks to our strong partnerships with TSA, U.S. Customs and Border Protection and airport leadership, which were built over years of testing and perfecting facial recognition options for international customers,” said Greg Forbes, Delta’s Managing Director – Airport Experience.

“Delta is writing the playbook for the industry as the first and only carrier to test this experience with TSA and TSA PreCheck.”

“We are glad to support self-service technologies that enhance security and reduce physical contact for passengers and TSA employees,” said Atlanta’s TSA Federal Security Director Robert Spinden.

“This is one of many such pilots at domestic airports, and we look forward to continuing to test new initiatives with airline and interagency partners.”

Customers with an active Delta SkyMiles membership, Known Traveler Number and passport details saved to their profile can opt in when checking in for their flight using the Fly Delta app.

If a customer does not want to participate in this option, they can choose not to opt in and proceed through the airport as preferred – participation is voluntary.

Delta does not save or store any biometric data, nor does it plan to.