Delta Sync: Connected travel driven by free Wi-Fi

Delta is bringing together an ecosystem of digital services and experiences to create Delta Sync, its vision for personalized travel that will make every trip feel fit for you.

Rolling out in 2023, Delta Sync is underpinned by SkyMiles membership and catalyzed through free Wi-Fi to deliver personalized and exclusive in-flight entertainment, more ways to enjoy your favorite onboard food and beverage, and exclusive partnerships with top consumer brands coming this year.

“Delta Sync elevates what it means to be a Delta SkyMiles Member by enabling a journey that fits you perfectly and grows more rewarding the more you travel,” said CEO Ed Bastian from the C Space keynote stage at CES 2023.

“The future of travel is one where your digital and physical experiences come together in a seamless, warm and personal way, making those human travel connections even more meaningful.”

Experiencing Delta Sync is easy – customers simply join SkyMiles for free to create a profile and book travel.

Unlimited, all channels excluding motion/broadcast, through January 2026. Non Exclusive. Free Wi-Fi, Wifi, Garrett Swann, Comfort+

Delta will offer fast, free Wi-Fi in partnership with T-Mobile to all Delta SkyMiles Members on board most domestic mainline flights beginning Feb. 1 – the first US global carrier to offer free Wi-Fi as a core element of its customer experience.

The airline will offer the service on more than 700 Viasat-equipped aircraft by the end of 2023. Delta also announced plans to bring free Wi-Fi on international and regional aircraft by the end of 2024.