Emirates in discussions with Airbus over A380 contract

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Airbus has released a statement saying that it is in “commercial discussions” with Emirates Airline in relation to its A380 contract as reports circulate that the Dubai-based carrier is to switch some of its orders to the smaller A350.

In a statement, Airbus refused to reveal details and said the commercial discussions with customers remain confidential.

Emirates is the world’s largest operator of the A380 and currently has more than 100 in its fleet and a further 53 on order and options on 16 more of the type.

Emirates previously ordered 70 A350s in 2007, before cancelling the commitment in 2014. The carrier then committed to 40 of the rival Boeing 787-10 at the 2017 Dubai Air Show, but is yet to firm this deal up.

Earlier this month Airbus removed orders for 10 A380s, which had previously been allocated to an undisclosed customer. Airbus is to cut the production of A380s to eight aircraft this year.