Enter Air has resumed flights in the United Kingdom

posted on 23rd July 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Enter Air has resumed flights in the United Kingdom

Enter Air, the leader of the Polish leisure travel market and one of the largest European charter airlines in terms of fleet size, has resumed its flight operations from London Gatwick Airport at the end of last week.

“As was the case with the recent resumption of flights from Poland, July 2020 will be a gradual pick-up period, meaning that at the end of the month we will be carrying out 8 operations a week. Furthermore, in all likelihood, we will operate many more flights in August,” says Greg Polaniecki, CEO of Enter Air. 

“Despite the long months of upheaval, demand generated by our Tour Operator Partners is picking up again, and people are eager to go on vacation to another country and enjoy the opportunity to relax and enjoy the good weather. All foreign resorts have adopted special COVID-19 procedures and at the same time, there are very few tourists on the beaches and in the restaurants, making it easier to adhere to the principles of social distancing. Most importantly though, low prices and a guaranteed wonderful sunshine awaits all visitors. Also, as we have repeatedly emphasized, the airplane is the safest mode of public transport, because its highly efficient air conditioning system and HEPA filters effectively prevent the spread of viruses between passengers,” he adds.

Enter Air’s first flight in the Summer 2020 season from London Gatwick Airport took off on 16 July, carrying clients of the UK-based Tour Operators Mark Warner & Sunvil Holidays to the sunny Greek island of Lemnos. Further flights will operate to Rhodes, Corfu, Skiathos and Preveza with additional destinations and frequencies planned

Carl Denton, Sven Carlson Aviation Consulting and UK Agent for Enterair, added, “We cannot thank enough, our Tour Operator partners in the UK, in particular Mark Warner and Sunvil Holidays, as well as Gatwick Airport, to ensure we have been able to maintain the last remaining Independent Airline Charter programme from Gatwick. Furthermore, we have expanded our seat distribution options with additional agreements with both Teleticket and On the Beach, to ensure consumers have the greatest potential opportunity to travel to Greece with Enterair”.