Expanding Capabilities In Russia And CIS With Consignment Agreement

posted on 11th March 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Expanding Capabilities In Russia And CIS With Consignment Agreement

S7 Technics, a leading maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services provider in Russia and the CIS Region, signed a consignment stock agreement with Satair, one of the world’s largest aviation spares and solution providers.

The agreement covers the exclusive distribution of over 350 part numbers from a number of suppliers over a multi-year period and constitutes the first of its kind between Satair and customers in Russia and the CIS region. The agreement furthermore facilitates the plans of growing the cooperation between S7 Technics and Satair further over the coming years.

“At Satair we are very excited to expand our long-standing business relationship with S7 Technics by offering a consignment stock solution. The agreement embodies an important milestone in customizing services towards customers and strengthening our presence in the region.“ says Terry Stone, Satair’s Managing Director and Head of Sales and Support, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

The new strategic partnership between the two companies will expand the scope of S7 Technics’maintenance capabilities, increase the overall productivity, and allow the release of aircrafts from maintenance checks more efficiently.

Alexey Petin, Head of Strategic Procurement, S7 Technics added: “This agreement represents a key effort in advancing S7 Technics’ competitive positioning and further service our customers’ needs in the region. We are thrilled to grow our relationship with Satair.”