flyadeal and Navitaire Renew Partnership

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flyadeal, Saudi Arabia’s newest low-fares airline, has renewed its agreement with Navitaire for the Navitaire Airline Platform, including the New Skies digital retailing system, to help facilitate its growth plans and digital transformation.

A subsidiary of Saudia, flyadeal has grown significantly in size and network since its launch in 2017.

The airline now serves 26 destinations in six countries and operates a fleet of 27 modern aircraft.

With more aircraft on order, the carrier looks to the Navitaire Airline Platform to help facilitate and empower its goals to open new markets.

flyadeal’s accelerated growth is the result of rising travel interest across the region and its successful market approach.

flyadeal offers its customers good value via unbundled fares that let customers choose what they want.

The airline is especially popular with young, tech-oriented travelers that prefer a digital-first approach that makes low-fare travel easy to book and offers convenience throughout their journey.

The Navitaire Airline Platform provides flyadeal with a flexible, customer-centric reservations and ancillary sales system to help deliver this experience to its customers.

“Our growth plans rely on connecting with today’s digital-first traveler,” said Con Korfiatis, CEO flyadeal.

“The Navitaire platform gave us the agility and fast time to market to deliver faster initiatives along with personalized offers, and better serve the new customer fueled by data intelligence.”

flyadeal also has the distinction of being the first airline to use Navitaire’s latest cloud-enabled solutions architected as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS).

Navitaire’s systems have been operating in Azure beginning in January 2022, and the latest cloud-native PaaS-based version in use by flyadeal expands the performance advantages that the cloud can offer.

Navitaire PaaS solutions leverage a broad suite of cloud-native tools for improved operational support that span development, platform, security, and infrastructure.

These investments can enable key cloud benefits such as faster time to market through quicker deployments, greater resiliency, and richer telemetry data.

“We have seen the evolution of Navitaire’s platform through the years,” stated by Mohannad Alsalmi, CIO.

“Having such robust platform for flyadeal reinforces our commitment to grow and deliver more digital solutions to our passengers with high quality and reliability for better customer satisfaction and seamless journey.

“Navitaire’s partnership has always been beneficial and futuristic to flyadeal, the latest onboarding of latest cloud-based PaaS version of the system is a testament of confidence in Navitaire and how flyadeal can lead the industry with its extra-large ambition to innovate and grow,” says Surya Kuchibotla, Head of eCommerce and Distribution.

“Navitaire is pleased to support flyadeal’s continuing growth plans as a leading digital-first airline in the region with our cloud-first platform that is open, digital, connected and powered by data,” said David P. Evans, Navitaire CEO.

“We’re equally thrilled to have flyadeal as our launch partner for our latest cloud-native platform that is poised and ready to help flyadeal reach new heights as it delivers even more value to customers.”