JetBlue to Take Customer-Service to new heights

posted on 2nd October 2019 by William Hayes
JetBlue to Take Customer-Service to new heights

JetBlue Airways is looking to expand its partnership with startup Gladly Inc. by introducing its software on flights so cabin crew can have a comprehensive view of information about customers onboard.

JetBlue has already seen Gladly’ software shave time from its customer-service calls.

“The challenge is to keep up with the pace of change. Every consumer expects you to be another Facebook, Google, Apple—not an airline,” Eash Sundaram, JetBlue’s chief digital and technology officer said.

The software can also give crew members the option to offer complimentary perks or seats with more leg room to frequent fliers who have problems during the flight.

“That kind of stuff doesn’t exist today,” Mr. Sundaram said, because information about customers is spread across multiple systems and hard to access.

Data from various sources within the company are integrated with Gladly’s software using application programming interfaces, or APIs—pieces of software that enable apps, platforms and systems to connect with each other and share data.

JetBlue hasn’t revealed how much it has invested in Gladly or how much it is costing them to use the software, but said all of its 2,500 call-center agents are using the technology.

The product costs about $150 per agent per month, Gladly said.

“Everybody wants the Amazon experience,” he said. “It removes all the friction out of the process and anticipates what [the customer] wants.”