Jetstay Brings Lowest Airfares to its Customers

posted on 22nd October 2019 by Eddie Saunders

There was a time when Air travel was reserved for just the uber-rich or high-ranking officials and important personalities. With time, the trend has changed drastically as the Indian subcontinent witnessed a rise in players vying for top spots to tap into a potentially profitable market.

To serve the requirements of the Indian middle class segment, Jetstay offers travel options at the lowest airfares.

Jetstay Travel Solutions Pvt. Ltd known simply as Jetstay, is a Mumbai-based travel agency that has been serving travelers since 2012. Since its inception, Jetstay has dealt with exclusive air ticketing partners and agents to provide the best deals and prices.

However, it is now open for online business to elevate the travel experience of millions of Indians who wish for the lowest, competitive and quality airfare.

Among the hordes of air ticket prices, Jetstay brings the future of travel technology to homes with the help of revolutionary practices which ensure that the customers get access to the lowest available fares in all of India. This is done in a short span of time by collecting airfare data across airlines. This results in the best possible flight rates at a blazing fast speed, minus the hassles of looking for lowest rates.

Jetstay was formed with the idea of providing lifelong memories through affordable airfares that are safe, easy and efficiently delivered. The top-notch services are provided by keeping in mind all the preferences set by the customers.

All operations undertaken at Jetstay are transparent and promise easy refunds if required. At Jetstay, the executives are committed to go above and beyond to provide the best customer support by assisting clients at all times, be it during or before the trips.

Expert advisors onboard are experienced in dealing with even the most complex schedules and demands and are more than happy to provide offline customized itineraries to satiate every travel need.

Mr. Anil Karandikar, Chairman, Jetstay, who has over 35 years of experience in the finance industry, delved into the need for competitive pricing and quality services in airfares to promote better means of transportation. According to him, the competitive pricing would lead to more coverage in terms of air travel throughout the nation and would propel towards development.

Mr. Zaki Patel, with his 15 years of experience in the hospitality sector, is the man spearheading Jetstay as the CEO. His vision of elevating the travel experience of the Indian audience while keeping the fares low is a long-cherished dream that is now becoming a reality. He focused on what makes Jetstay unique and offers unrivaled features.

Jetstay promises to be a one-stop destination for travelers in pursuit of best airfares and happiness. Mr. Zaki aims to provide tantalizing offers to their customers all year round to further reduce the cost of their air tickets. Updated information and deals on new flights and services on Jetstay’s official website will ensure useful insights. The company is also banking on its excellent customer support that goes beyond not just booking tickets but also enhancing the travel experience.

Jetstay has extensive Social Media presence and deals in individual as well as easy group bookings with flexible payment options including Debit and credit cards, Net Banking and Easy EMI facilities.