Korean Air expands baggage notification service

posted on 26th January 2021 by Eddie Saunders
Korean Air expands baggage notification service

Korean Air has expanded its baggage notification service to international flights departing from 15 cities to Incheon Airport.

The baggage notification service notifies customers through their smartphone that their checked baggage has been safely loaded on their flight.

Korean Air began the notification service from June 1, 2020 for international flights departing from Incheon Airport, and the service was expanded in July to six other routes departing from North America, such as New York, Dallas and Vancouver, to Incheon.

From January 18, the airline expanded the service to flights departing from 15 cities:

  • four cities in Europe (Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Paris, Vienna);
  • six cities in North America (Atlanta, Boston, Honolulu, Las Vegas, Seattle Washington, D.C.);
  • three cities in Oceania (Auckland, Brisbane, Sydney); and
  • Dubai and Hong Kong.

Information from the baggage reconciliation system (BRS), which was independently developed by Korean Air, is matched with barcode information scanned from the check-in and loading processes. The BRS not only ensures that baggage is on the correct flight, but also provides baggage tracking.

Korean Air’s new mobile app “Korean Air My” sends out messages to inform passengers that their baggage has been safely loaded. Passengers can check the messages on the app’s notifications or baggage tracking sections. The push notification service is available for SKYPASS members who have enabled push notifications on “Korean Air My.”

The airline plans to expand the service within this year to all international and domestic airports where Korean Air operates.