Korean Air wings its way to a smoother journey with Quantum Metric

Quantum Metric, a SaaS platform that helps organizations build better digital products faster, today announced a new partnership with Korean Air to help the company get ahead of the competition and provide the best possible digital booking experience for travellers.

Korean Air has experienced massive growth in app usage, leading the company to aim for an online customer experience that can rival face-to-face interactions.

Jinsoo KO, product manager, Korean Air homepage team comments: “At Korean Air, superb customer experience is core to everything we do. We continue to push forward with our innovative and agile approach to customer service, from our homepage to our app.

“And all the while, we need to make sure our app continues to be safe, secure, reliable and simple.

“Quantum Metric is helping us achieve that, and is an invaluable partner in Korean Air’s success.”

Alex Thomson, RVP Quantum Metric said: “The level of complexity in aviation was high before the pandemic, but the need for greater customer responsiveness and the ability to change at speed has increased this exponentially.

“This level of agility and iterative product development is exactly what Quantum Metric and the Continuous Product Design methodology is all about, and we can’t wait to see how we can work with Korean Air to produce the best possible customer experience when using their service.”