Latest figures show pandemic bounce back for Copenhagen Airport

Latest figures show pandemic bounce back for Copenhagen Airport

Denmark’s Copenhagen Airport said 2023 was its busiest year in four years after 26.8 million passengers passed through its terminals – a 21 per cent increase on 2022.

On the busiest days of the year, which were the two days immediately preceding the schools’ summer and autumn breaks, more than 100,000 travellers passed through the terminals.

Peter Krogsgaard, chief commercial officer of Copenhagen Airports A/S, said: “Throughout 2023, we experienced an ever-increasing appetite for travelling.

“This applied to both business and leisure travel, and we are very pleased to see a 21 per cent increase in the number of travellers compared to the previous year.

Two out of three passengers are holidaymakers, and both Danes and southern Swedes use Copenhagen Airport when they fly out to see the world.”

More than half of all travellers using Copenhagen live in Denmark or Sweden. The rest are primarily passengers travelling to Copenhagen from other European countries and North America – and their numbers are growing, according to the airport.

“Copenhagen is a very popular destination, and the number of tourists wanting to experience the Queen’s – soon to be the King’s – fantastic city is increasing. We should be proud of that,” added Krogsgaard.

The airport also saw a year-on-year increase in passengers in December. More than 1.9 million travellers passed through Copenhagen last month compared to 1.7 million in December 2022.

The fresh figures suggest Copenhagen has bounced back from the international disruption to air travel from 2020 due to coronavirus when comparing the numbers to the year prior to the pandemic.

The top 10 most popular destinations to fly to from Copenhagen Airport in 2023 were London, Oslo, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Paris, Aalborg, Istanbul, Frankfurt, Vienna and Helsinki.