Moment reaches a new milestone with 120 million passengers connected in 2020

posted on 9th December 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Moment reaches a new milestone with 120 million passengers connected in 2020

After a critical year for the transport industry, Moment, French leader in on-board digital solutions, announces a 5-fold increase in the use of its solutions, reaching a 120 million passenger user-base. Thanks to its resilience and agility, the company was able to drastically increase the scale of its operations in 2020, inking three new contracts with airlines, while expanding into new business segments.

As many aero suppliers, Moment has had to adjust to the current situation of the aviation industry, struck particularly hard by the global pandemic. By adapting its technology, Moment has contributed to develop new health standards in a cabin, since Covid-19 easily spreads by human interaction. More specifically, Moment’s platforms help reduce touch points by digitising assets and the media, while allowing passenger information to be conveyed digitally, for an end-to-end touchless experience.

True to its values, Moment has implemented a business solidarity plan and has taken the important decision not to charge its clients for projects that were put on hold due to the pandemic. “A struggle for our clients means a struggle for us, so we supported them through this difficult time by sharing their difficulties,” said Tanguy Morel, CEO of Moment.

Fortunately enough, Moment welcomed this year three new commercial aviation clients over three continents: Asia, Africa, and Europe. These contracts strengthen Moment’s awareness in this sector and allow the company to continue its international expansion.

Following a successful expansion in the maritime industry, Moment entered a new business segment this year with the rail industry. The deployment in this sector has once again allowed Moment to distinguish itself. Three major European train operators have chosen to deploy Moment’s passenger experience, on more than 350 trains. Among these, a project with OUIGO, the French low cost high-speed train operator, has been launched with success.

With worldwide operations and millions of new users, Moment is currently transforming its operations and technology. Delivering content and services at this scale while maintaining a high bar for performance is a technical challenge requiring a powerful and flexible IT infrastructure.

To sustain its growth and bring a new dimension to passenger experience, Moment will launch an ambitious research program in 2021 with key developments including cloud-computing, analytics, and AI experimentation. This program will lead to the development of four new patents. ‘For many companies, 2020 was a transformational year and Moment is no exception. We are coming out of this crisis stronger as a company and as individuals. We still have a long way to go, but we are already grateful for the fabulous team that helped us to adapt and strive, and for our amazing clients who trusted us and whom we commit to serve in the best possible way, looking at a better 2021.’ added Tanguy Morel.