PLAY Airlines Moves Closer to Inaugural Flight

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By Nicholas Vitolano,

Icelandic-based PLAY has moved closer to the start of operations following approval for gate slots at London Stansted (STN), Gatwick (LGW), and Dublin (DUB). The proposed low-cost-carrier (LCC) was first expected to take to the skies this year but is now projecting Q2 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

After WOW Air (WW) suddenly ceased operations on March 28, 2019, executives Arnar Már Magnússon and Sveinn Ingi Steinþórsson vowed that they would return. The pair followed through on that promise later that year with the announcement of PLAY. The newly rebranded carrier would utilize Airbus A321’s, and later Airbus A320’s as service was expanded.

More than a year on from that announcement, PLAY has yet to receive their Air Operators Certificate (AOC)–according to the most recent release posted on their official website.

Movement behind the Scenes

Despite the lack of official communication from PLAY, some details of the proposed-carrier’s operation can be deciphered from their recent gate slot approvals.

Newly disclosed information reveals that PLAY could equip its aircraft for around 200 passengers, according to industry expert Seth Miller. At this time, it can also be expected that the new airline will fly an initial once-daily service to LGW and DUB from a hub in Iceland.

PLAY will have a tough fight ahead of them as they plan to compete with Icelandair (FI), which boasts close to 40 destinations. As so much still remains to be seen, PLAY is off to a good start at two airport which are desperate for traffic.