Ryanair boss takes aim at Irish transport minister in scathing letter

Ryanair boss takes aim at Irish transport minister in scathing letter

Ryanair CEO, Michael O’Leary, has accused the Irish transport minister of failing to “take any action to advance the goals” of the government’s National Aviation Policy.

The airline boss called on Eamon Ryan, who has served as transport minister since June 2020, to “resign and let someone competent” deliver the policy in an open letter on Friday.

According to, the principle goals of the Irish government’s National Aviation Policy are to enhance Ireland’s connectivity by ensuring safe, secure and competitive access responsive to the needs of business, tourism and consumers and foster the growth of aviation enterprise in Ireland to support job creation and position Ireland as a recognised global leader in aviation.

It also aims to maximise the contribution of the aviation sector to Ireland’s economic growth and development.

But O’Leary claims: “Despite your almost four-year tenure as Ireland’s minister for transport, it is clear that you either have no idea what your own government’s National Aviation Policy is, or you are determined to frustrate this policy …

“Over the past four years you have failed to take any action to advance the goals of this National Aviation Policy.

“You disappeared during the security queues crisis at Dublin in summer 2022.

“You disappeared again while drones closed Dublin Airport on six occasions during spring 2023, and lamentably you have failed to take any action when an arbitrary and untenable traffic cap of 32 million passengers now means that Dublin Airport and Ireland’s aviation industry cannot grow for at least three or four years while you abrogate responsibility for National Aviation Policy to a local council in Fingal.”

The airline CEO added that “other EU airports are now laughing at Ireland’s ‘traffic cap’ while they win this growth from Ryanair, which your inaction has lost for Ireland”.

His criticisms of the transport minister come after Ryan accused O’Leary earlier this month of being “personally abusive” after O’Leary called him “incompetent” and an “idiot”.

In response to Friday’s letter, Ryan responded to O’Leary by claiming his accusations are “completely wrong” and that criticisms about his handling of the security queues were “false”.

The minister wrote: “I fundamentally disagree with the arguments and content of your letter dated 9 February 2024. Throughout this whole period, you have written many letters that have been highly personalised, inaccurate and inflammatory.

“I have invited you, through your executives, to meet with me, to discuss any issues you have face to face. Those invitations have never once been taken up.”

Image: Eamon Ryan, left (Credit: Gript Media/YouTube) and Michael O’Leary, right (Credit: DW News/YouTube).