Ryanair Rejects UK Dept Of Transport’s Advice On Hand Luggage As Rubbish

posted on 12th June 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Ryanair Rejects UK Dept Of Transport’s Advice On Hand Luggage As Rubbish

Ryanair has criticised the UK Department of Transport’s advice to minimize carry-on luggage in favour of checked in bags. This is more nonsensical advice from the DOT which continues to oversee a completely ineffective and useless 14-day quarantine.

Ryanair recommends that passengers minimise checked in luggage, in favour of carrying one or two pieces of cabin bags. This is because cabin bags are handled only by the passenger and therefore eliminates any risk of physical contact with other persons. Ryanair sets a maximum of bags allowed into the cabin, which ensures that the boarding process speed is not affected.

By contrast, checked-in bags are handled by multiple different persons at check-in, in baggage holds and while being loaded on to and out of aircraft holds.

A Ryanair spokesperson said: “In attempting to minimise physical contact during the travel process, particularly on short haul flights, Ryanair recommends passengers to minimise checked in bags and, where possible, confine themselves to one or two carry-on bags (1 large, 1 small for customers with Priority boarding) which minimises physical contact with other persons.

The UK DOT should stop issuing rubbish advice to passengers about baggage and instead focus their efforts on scrapping the UK’s useless visitor quarantine which the UK Home Office now admit cannot be implemented, supervised or policed effectively.

Ryanair is going back flying with 1,000 daily flights from 1 July. Recent bookings show how UK customers are largely ignoring this useless visitor quarantine as they book in their thousands to holiday destinations in July and August”.