SITA acquires curb-to-gate passenger analytics firm MEXIA Interactive

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SITA has acquired MEXIA Interactive – a global provider of curb-to-gate passenger analytics for the air transport industry.

SITA said the acquisition will enhance its existing airport operations and passenger flow management solutions and customers will benefit from a comprehensive and predictive view of passenger flow information that will result in greater operational efficiencies and improved services.

MEXIA’s technology identifies and predicts bottlenecks in various queues such as check-in, security and taxi lines while monitoring the amount of time passengers spend in airports.

The company also helps airports find non-aeronautical revenue potential by providing shopper numbers, conversion rates, and trends through insights on passengers dwelling in the airport. MEXIA currently works with some of the largest and most influential airports around the world.

Demand for queue management solutions has in the past few years emerged as a key focus area for airport operators. SITA said the implementation of ‘wait-time monitoring’ has jumped from 31 per cent of airports in 2017 to 42 per cent in 2018.