Swiss carrier Germania Flug rebranded to Chair Airlines

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Swiss carrier Germania Flug has been rebranded to Chair Airlines and will continue to operate routes from Zurich Airport.

Chair Airlines, formerly Germania Flug, was founded in August 2014, in cooperation with the German airline Germania, but was not affected by the bankruptcy of its then German shareholder in February 2019 and continued its operations.

Shortly after, all shares formerly held by the German Germania branch have been sold to Albex Aviation. Chair Airlines is owned 50.01 per cent by Albex Aviation and 49.99 per cent by Polish charter airline Enter Air.

The first Airbus A319 has already been given the new Chair design and the two other A319s in the fleet will be given the new design shortly.

“We have used the challenging situation over the past few months to prepare our relaunch, and our new brand is now cutting a fresh figure in the world of Swiss aviation,” said chief commercial officer (CCO) and Supervisory Board member, Urs A. Pelizzoni.

The recent rebranding and the change of name to Chair Airlines as of 1 July, 2019 are key stages in the intensive transformation process that Germania Flug has been undergoing since the start of 2019.

Over the past few months, all operations as well as the booking platform and numerous workflows and processes have been reviewed, modified, and overhauled.

Despite changing its name, the airline is still retaining the same strategic positioning. This primarily relates to its excellent working relations with tour operators and travel agencies.

Chair Airlines is remaining true to its former strategy with regard to destinations: flights will be available to popular Mediterranean destinations in Europe and North Africa, as well as cities off the beaten track such as Beirut, Ohrid, Prishtina, and Skopje.

The range of flight destinations will be further expanded in the future, “but we still remain committed to customer-oriented and sustainable growth,” said CCO, Pelizzoni.

Changes have been made to the Chair Airlines’ management team with chief executive officer Tobias Somandin and CCO and supervisory board member Pelizzoni receiving reinforcements. Anri Fontanive has been appointed as chief financial officer and Shpend Ibrahimi as chief information officer and supervisory moard member.