T3 Aviation Academy is now an IATA authorised training centre

posted on 12th October 2022 by Eddie Saunders
T3 Aviation Academy is now an IATA authorised training centre

As an IATA Authorised Training Centre, T3 Aviation Academy looks to start offering a high volume of in-demand training courses that are certified by IATA, targeting the Middle East, African, and European regions where the demand for such courses is on the rise.

The move to become an IATA ATC comes in line with the Academy’s vision to be an all-encompassing 360-degree aviation and academic training organisation provisioning to all sectors of the aviation industry.

The courses that will be offered with IATA’s certification include but are not limited to Airline Customer Service, Passenger Ground Services, Social Media Strategy for the Travel Industry, Ground Operations Management, and Airport Operations Fundamentals, in addition to other aviation-related courses.

T3 Aviation Academy’s CEO, Capt. Nadhem AlHamad: “We’re very pleased to continue extending our services to the wider aviation community in response to their needs and requirements.

“We’ve been researching ways to better support the demand for aviation training courses in the African and European regions and we’re very excited to partner with IATA to become an official Authorised Training Centre and deliver IATA-certified courses.”

“Training and ensuring a skilled workforce are key priorities for the industry, particularly post-pandemic”, said Kamil Alawadhi, IATA’s Regional Vice-President for Africa and Middle East.

“Congratulations to T3 Aviation Academy on becoming an IATA Authorized Training Center, allowing the academy to expand its training offerings and contribute to the training of the future generation of aviation professionals.”