The Future is PINK: Wizz Air launches operational goals in new consumer campaign

posted on 27th April 2023 by Gemma Keen
The Future is PINK: Wizz Air launches operational goals in new consumer campaign
  • Campaign will raise awareness of Wizz Air’s renewed commitment to customers ahead of peak summer season
  • New goals aim to reduce cancellations and create a more seamless customer experience
  • The airline has invested more than £90 million to improve its operation 

London, 27th April 2023: The Future is PINK – Punctual, Innovative, New and Knowledgeable– according to a new campaign launched this week from Europe’s fastest growing and most environmentally sustainable airline globally Wizz Air.

Last summer, like all airlines in Europe, Wizz Air faced extraordinary operating challenges driven mostly by the external environment. That said, we did not meet our own standards in the level of service delivered.  Flights were too often late or cancelled, disruptions were not managed at an adequate level, and claims took too long to process and pay to our customers. PINK is our commitment to deliver an improved operation to our customers.

Ahead of the peak summer season, during which millions of Brits are predicted to travel, the new campaign will highlight the significant steps taken by Wizz Air to make its operation more robust and customer-centric, while keeping its operations sustainable, dedicated to reducing its environmental footprint.

The upcoming season is predicted to be a challenge for every airline, with Eurocontrol claiming it will be the toughest summer in the last decade for Air Traffic Control. To prepare for this, Wizz Air has invested more than £90 million into improving its operations and preparing for increased air traffic.

“Like many other airlines, our service last year was impacted by a number of disruptions which understandably resulted in frustration. While there are always going to be issues outside of our control, like the weather or strikes, we have learnt from this experience and are committed to providing the best possible service for our customers”, explains Marion Geoffroy, Managing Director at Wizz Air UK“We want to show our customers how serious we are about making improvements for the future, which is why we are using this campaign to tell people about the new goals we have put in place and the changes we have made.”

The campaign features four distinct pillars which are brought to life in a series of visual ads: Punctual, which highlights the airline’s ambition to be on-time more often and reduce cancellations. Innovative, which raises awareness of the new digital solutions that have been put in place to make the customer experience more seamless and efficient. New, which refers to Wizz Air’s young and sustainable fleet of aircraft, delivering the lowest-ever annual carbon intensity of 55.2 grams per passenger/km, 15% lower year-on-year and better than any other European airline. Knowledgeable, which speaks to the airline’s expertise, which is underpinned by the 51 million passengers the airline carried across its network in the last 12 months.

It also showcases a series of new commitments to help boost brand awareness and consideration. These include:

  • Going above and beyond to operate its flights on time
  • Aiming to resolve all customer claims within 60 days
  • 120% of ticket refunds to WIZZ credit to be made within the same day or 100% of ticket refunds in the original method of payment to be processed within 5 working days

To achieve these ambitious goals, Wizz Air has implemented several structural and organisational changes. These include:

  • Added additional spare aircraft capacity to support during disruptions
  • Increased staffing at the airport, to support the operations, and in our claim centres
  • Built more buffer time into crew rosters and between flights to make schedules more resilient
  • Doubled its operations team and split processes to be more efficient and focussed on handling disruptions
  • Implemented a new AI-based tool to help forecast and mitigate possible disruptions
  • Invested in new self-service solutions to support customers during times of disruption

The airline has also invested heavily in its customer experience. Changes for 2023 include:

  • Launched a fully automated refund process
  • 24/7 online support with a new chatbot
  • Launched a new customer service channel on Twitter @AskWizzAir
  • Contracted four new contact centres to provide increased customer service capacity
  • Increased customer service agent training and quality checks to drive efficiency and improved quality of service
  • Working closely with ground handling providers to increase their staff

“We have done everything in our control to prepare for the summer. Helping our customers reach their destination is our number one priority and we will continue to invest in our service to ensure they get there on time. While we know we can’t anticipate every disruption, we do feel confident that we have taken the right steps to better support our passengers this season.” Geoffroy concludes.

The new campaign launched this week and is supported with OOH, paid social, influencer partnerships, press, PR, radio and sponsorships.