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Turkish Airlines plans five lounges for new Istanbul Airport

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Turkish Airlines is planning to open five passenger lounges at the new Istanbul Airport which was opened fully last month.

The lounges will be targeted at passengers flying business class, members of the Miles & Smiles Elite Plus and Elite programmes, Star Alliance Gold and Corporate Club passengers.

There are currently three lounges open – the Turkish Airlines business lounge, Miles & Smiles lounge and domestic lounge. The exclusive lounge and arrival lounge are planned to open in Summer 2019.

The Turkish Airlines business lounge has an approximate area of over 60,000 square feet, seats 765 guests and features 13 private suites with showers. The Turkish Airlines Miles & Smiles lounge is also over 60,000 square feet seating 765 guests.

The domestic lounge is accessible through a special entrance gate located outside the terminal so passengers can complete check-in procedures and transfer directly to the aircraft via buses.