Union warns of airport disruption if workplace demands aren’t met

posted on 8th November 2019 by Eddie Saunders
Union warns of airport disruption if workplace demands aren't met

Western Australian airport staff have joined aviation industry workers across the country in staging a protest at Perth Airport today (Friday 8).

All major airports in the region were served claims several months ago from baggage handlers, drivers, airline caterers, cleaners, cabin crew, security staff, refuellers, customer service and check-in staff but refused to deal with the issues, claimed the union.

Referring to the aviation industries heavy use of labour hire companies which undermines pay Branch Secretary Tim Dawson said: “We’re saying for the same job, people working for the same company should be paid the same rates,” he said.

“Overall these companies make reasonable profits and we’re saying they shouldn’t be undermining wages and conditions to make profits.”

Dawson went on to say that unless things change the union would bring major industry action across a range of transport sectors next year.

It’s claimed the current working conditions could lead to security incidents and highlighted a recent incident where passengers at Perth Airport were told to collect their own baggage.

A Perth Airport spokesman said the TWU primarily represented workers in the airport’s ground handling areas, who employed by contractors rather than directly by the airport.

“As such, any employment contracts and arrangements are between these workers and their employing company, not with Perth Airport,” he said.

“Perth Airport gives the highest priority to safety and security.”