Vision Systems Launches A Fast and Easy Barrier Solution Against COVID-19

posted on 4th June 2020 by Eddie Saunders
Vision Systems Launches A Fast and Easy Barrier Solution Against COVID-19

The world leader for cockpit shading systems adapts its solutions to create a light, compact and transparent separation between the aircraft passengers with the aim of avoiding contact and possible transmission of viruses, helping to preserve all passengers’ health. The system not only provides a physical barrier but also comprises an anti-germ treatment.

Vision Systems’ quick-split solution offers passenger protection at each seat and thus maximizes the passenger load factor as it eliminates the need to leave an empty seat between two passengers.

The roller system is durable and robust, it does not generate additional vibrations and it includes a tear-resistant screen. It uses an aeronautics certified technology.

This plug and play solution is quick and easy to mount and dismantle without modification of the existing seat and is adaptable to any type of armrest. Furthermore, it does not degrade any part of the seat once removed. It is also easy to clean.

Vision Systems’ barrier system is customizable in shape and dimension of the screen to meet the specific requirements of each airline.

This solution provides a reassuring image of the airline and travel conditions.

When reclining the seatback, the system follows the same inclination.

Easy to fold for family travel without any risk of pinching or cutting, the transparent film also keeps a feeling of space when unfold for a better wellbeing in the cabin.