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AGS Podcast

09th - 10th Nov 2020
AGS Podcast will replace the AGS Global Networking Event which was due to take place in Dublin. This year, AGS Global Networking Event will showcase a series of podcasts, bringing the informative discussions usually taken place at the event, to an easily accessible digital format. The ground handling community will join Chris Notter for sessions on Collaboration and sustainability. The opportunity to hear from the industry experts from around the world, completely free of charge.


Topics that will be discussed:

  • Weathering the storm and overcoming the challenges of COVID-19 – Lessons learned and preparing for a second wave and then Vaccines
  • How the various quick decisions, support from regulators and governments as well as representative bodies help and facilitated necessary collaboration and concession.?  Sustainability?
  • What more can Airports now do as heads of their ecosystem/community. Why is it so important to team up or partner with other forward-thinking and innovative airports? Pipelines of Consistency.
  • Ensuring sustainability – The challenges and opportunities to sustain and grow the role of ground handling services in the future.
  • Price War – Competition and COVID-19 driving carriers to negotiate harder. Is it time for a different approach to price as the final negotiator or influencer? Can we agree on a standard set of minimum required services and then over and above have additional charging? Should there be so much ‘Hygiene or health score carding and tables?
  • Staying safe – Keeping the aircraft in the skies Best industry practices – simplicity, clarity, controls – a very tough and disciplined approach as to codes of practice is necessary – take away the choice and debate.
  • Collaboration is the future to create a sustainable business model – The formula for success – Everyone is sailing through the same storm — navigation and support, CARE and Trust, communication, and transparency – Collaboration is the doorway to continuity.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making – crucial. Effective and practical measurement management is required. Digitization is a must. Understanding WHY for all ground-level personnel will be the secret to the new culture required as we leave 2020.  Amazing how the saying Hindsight 2020 will become a benchmark on crisis survival.
  • Technology – To help new process simplicity and effectiveness – “The biggest value and the most important key”. Share and simplify – too many operators and not enough sharing and access to common data sharing.

Event information


AGS Podcast

Fabio Gamba

Managing Director Airline Catering Association (ACA) & Airport Services Association (ASA)
AGS Podcast

Thomas Konietzko

Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing Celebi Aviation
AGS Podcast

Nikki Ozols

Head of Safety and Compliance Volare Aviation & My Heli Limited
AGS Podcast

Mete Erna

General Manager Havas
AGS Podcast

Woo Kam Weng

Chief Executive Officer POS Aviation
AGS Podcast

Amr Samir

CEO Link Aero Trading Agency
AGS Podcast

Robert Williams

Head of Planning Norwegian Red Handling